Savvy Symbol Key

Savvy Symbol Key 1.1

Creates an accurate, customizable key to instrumentation

The Savvy Symbol Key plug-in object quickly creates an accurate, customizable key to instrumentation.
The setup dialog shows the symbols in use in your Spotlight drawing so you never have to worry about an incomplete key. You can select and order your symbols as well as set several text, border, spacing and alignment attributes. With the click of a check box you can show wattages, weights, lamp types and counts.
Counting can be subtotaled to count bodies vs lenses. Symbols which have the same Instrument Type are counted together, allowing for alternate versions of a single type. Multi circuit devices are counted properly.

The Savvy Symbol Key intelligently shifts and spaces extra wide symbols (like strip lights) or extra large symbols (like a 5K fresnel) so your key always looks professional.

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